Student HELP page:


Below are frequently asked questions regarding the Advanced Opportunities portal.

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There are two likely answers. If the student is under the age of 13 the request must be made by the school district. If the student is over the age of 13, it is likely the student’s account has not been verified by the school district or the student funding request window has closed. Please contact your school’s Advanced Opportunities designee for further instructions.

A red flag indicates a student has failed to earn credit. In most cases a student will need to pay for a similar course or exam in order to receive future funding.

A yellow flag indicates advising is needed. Please contact the Dual Credit Office of the college you are receiving credit from or contact your school Advanced Opportunities designee to be advised.

It is likely that your school district has not made your course or exam available for a funding request. To have the course made available or to find out more details please contact your school district Advanced Opportunities designee.

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact:

  • North and Central Idaho: Helen Savage (208) 305-0372
  • South-Central and Eastern Idaho: Kasi Beorchia (435) 414-9810
  • Southwest Idaho: Brock Astle (208) 332-6944
  • For technical support contact (208) 332-6944